For many Karen families at Transplanting Traditions Community Farm, gardening is a way of life.  It is not simply a hobby, or a casual pursuit.  It is a necessity.  It is a means of connecting to their past, present, and future in one place.  Through farming, families can provide traditional foods normally hard to obtain in the U.S., and lower grocery costs in the process. They can build skills to help them continue their way of life into the future.  And they can also reconnect to their past and agricultural heritage despite relocation far from home.

This documentary essay seeks to demonstrate this complex relationship that Karen peoples have with the land.  It is a beautiful and powerful thing, full of intensity, hope, and life.  It is also a relationship of struggle and overcoming.  Ultimately, this project seeks to better understand what the garden means to the families at TTCF, and tries to see this place through their eyes.

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